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Please read below to get the most out of your reading!


  • What can you do to prepare for your reading?
    1. Invite your loved ones from spirit to join us. This can be done by simply speaking to them out loud or in your mind and ask them to participate in our session. It's that easy! I do suggest doing this a few days prior to your reading and the day of. Many times they, in the spirit world, are the ones who have orchestrated the session, but it doesn't hurt to invite them anyway. 2. Once you invite them, drop all expectations of hearing from specific spirit loved ones and just be open and grateful to those who do communicate with us in your session. 3. Your emotional state can also affect the communication link either positively or negatively, so during your session it is best to relax, let go of expectations and comparisons of other readings or sessions you may have had before with other mediums, as all mediums work differently, and to be open to whatever happens. All we can do is invite them to the session and invite them to communicate with us. Trust that you will get what you need from your reading and connection with Spirit. 4. Take a deep breath. Come to your session with an open mind and an open heart. Be willing to receive. 5. Allow for 3 to 4 months after a passing BEFORE scheduling a reading! This is so important as it allows time for you to begin your healing. 6. Before your reading, please do not give me, your Medium, any information about your loved ones who have passed. This is called "feeding the Medium". Allow me, your Medium, to do the work and connect with Spirit. All I ask, is that during your reading, just answer with yes, no, or I don't know to make sure I am indeed connecting with your loved one on the other side.
  • How does a Psychic Mediumship reading work?
    As a Spiritual Medium, I use my psychic senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance to communicate with Spirit. They will speak to me, show me things and impart certain feelings on me to get their messages across. There are 3 parts that make up a Mediumship Reading: * Evidence- Personality traits, appearance, how they passed, age, etc. * Memories- Special moments, fond memories and past events * Messages- What does your loved one have to say to you right now? They may even talk about current situations going on in your life and offer comfort/insight.
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